Joan Camp
September 1959 – July 1975

The first headmistress was Miss Joan Camp. Her three main aims for AHS were: that the school should be known for its academic excellence; secondly, that it should be acclaimed for its service to the community, and finally that it should create and maintain international relations. These three aims are still being pursued and achieved to this day.

Miss Camp was headmistress for 16 years, and when she met up with the 59ers, (the girls who started as first formers the year the school opened) in April 2010, she still remembered many of their names.

Miss Camp's role for developing the school's international outlook
Chairman Zena Williams on Miss Camp's retirement

Margaret Lambert
September 1975 – July 1992

Miss Margaret Lambert took over as headmistress in 1975. Under her leadership the school gained a number of new buildings: the Harding Hall, which was soon being used for year assemblies, parents' evenings, examinations and concerts;  the Common Room, which was enjoyed by Sixth Formers and the new library which benefitted all students. However, her proudest moment was her success in the pursuit of a technology block to rival the one in the boys' school. This resulted in the girls now having specially built rooms for drama, textiles and sculpture, with workshops for metal and woodwork.

Miss Lambert instigated two very important changes, which are still in place at AHS –the introduction of certificate evenings and a Cabinet to replace the existing prefect system. 

Jane Wainwright
September 1992 – July 2003

Ms Jane Wainwright succeeded to the position of headteacher in 1992. Like her predecessors, she had high aspirations for the students and a determination to make positive improvements to the school.

In 2001, a bid for Aylesbury High School to receive Language College status was launched. Jane Wainwright, who oversaw the project, said that the language school enabled AHS to form a global outlook, an ethos important for a school which had always had an international outlook.

Ms Wainwright thoughts on her retirement

Ruth Alinek
September 2003 – July 2005

Ms Ruth Alinek came from Southend High School for Girls and stayed as headteacher for two years, leaving AHS in 2005.

Alan Rosen
September 2005 – July 2019

Mr Alan Rosen came for an interview at AHS with the intention of getting some interview practice, and to familiarise himself with Buckinghamshire's rather esoteric education system. Within a few hours of the interview he felt that this was a school he could work in, as it possessed the energy and sense of purpose that fitted in with Mr Rosen's ways of working. He stayed at Aylesbury High School for 24 years, spending the first ten years as deputy head and the rest as head.

Following Mr Rosen's appointment in 2006, the number of students increased appreciably. Under his leadership, the school received significant government funding and successful donation campaigns resulted in improved facilities. These included the Sports Hall, Front Office extension, Sixth Form Centre and History rooms, the new Library as well as the refurbishment of the Science labs and the Tower block. As a result, the school is now 3 times the size it was when it opened 50 years ago. 

In 1998, Mr Rosen introduced the annual Year 8 trip to the Outward Bound Centre at Aberdyfi. It has become a much-loved tradition, experienced by more than 3000 students.

Within a few weeks of arriving at AHS, Mr Rosen was asked to take a team to Zimbabwe on a World Challenge expedition. In fact, he spent many summer holidays accompanying students on long distance trips, and continued to nurture the global outlook of AHS. 

Aylesbury High School headmaster Alan Rosen retires after 24 years

Giles Scoble
September 2019 –

Mr Giles Scoble was appointed headteacher in September 2019 and he continues to build on the success of the school.

His expert leadership through the difficult times of Covid has been appreciated by students, parents and staff alike.